Marklex LED – UV Light

Ultraviolet supplemental lighting for HPS / MH grow rooms.

The Marklex UV light provides ultraviolet light in grow rooms that are equipped with High-Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide light sources.

Finally a simple solution for growers who wish to retain the raw power of HPS while giving plants ultraviolet rays. An input traditionally absent from most grow rooms.

Using specialized LED chipsets, this light fertilizes your grow room with UV and other high-frequency photons that are typically only emitted from high-end LED light fixtures. Patent pending technology.

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Two options to turn the light on / off:

A. Automatic – Photocell:  On-board photo sensor detects when other lights are on and synchronizes with grow room

B. No Photocell:  On / Off controlled manually (e.g., external timer or switch – not included)

Light On / Off

  • Over +12,000 Kelvin of pure ultraviolet light
  • Designed for mounting between HPS fixtures
  • 120V power cord included – [contact us for 240V option]
  • Power draw ~5 W


Instructions Photocell Option:
1. Position the UV lights between the HPS/MH light sources with the light directed towards the plants.
2. The UV light is equipped with a photo control that will turn on and off the UV light with other lights in the room.
There is a ~ 1 minute delay to avoid the UV light turning on and off to quickly (e.g., flash light on photo control)
It may take up to 5 minutes for the UV light to turn on when it is plugged in for the first time.
3. Indoor use only. Do not expose the light to water.
4. If the light does not turn on (after 2 minutes), position the photo control so it gets sufficient light from the HPS/MH light sources.
5. If the light does not turn off (after 2 minutes), make sure no light reaches the photo control when the room is dark.