We are passionate about LED lighting and the opportunities to reduce energy usage and increase the quality of the lighting at the same time.

LED lighting can yield a 30-60% reduction in power consumption over existing conventional light sources (HID / Incandescent / Fluorescent).  Additionally, LED Ligthing, if designed correctly, provides even light distribution, minimal glare and superb color-rendering.  Finally, LED lights have a lifespan of 4-10x that of conventional light sources.

With manufacturing partners we have experience doing projects in the U.S., Mexico, and Brazil.
Of special interest for us are new and innovative applications for LED lights like indoor grow lighting.

Services we offer include:
  • Product advice
  • Light simulation
  • ROI analysis
  • Controls
  • Solar (with partners)
  • Rebate assistance
  • Installation (with partners)
  • Financing(with partners)