LED Horticulture Lighting

LED Commercial / Industrial Lighting

LED lighting fixtures are uniquely designed to maximize the optics, heat management, and lifetimes of latest generation LEDs.   LED lighting fixtures can replace traditional lighting sources such as metal halide, T5/T8 fluorescent, HID, Induction, and high pressure sodium fixtures in many areas with the following benefits:

  • High Efficacy: LED lighting fixtures deliver high efficacies or lumens per watt. Bascially, more light for the power consumed.  Some LED light fixtures deliver over 100 lumens per watt.
  • Energy Efficient: LED fixtures require minimal energy to operate and operate coolly, delivering savings of up to 70% on energy costs.
  • Controllable: Unlike traditional sources, control such as dimming and on/off with occupancy sensors has no negative effect on the lifetime of LED fixtures.
  • Long Lifetimes: A fixture’s L70 lifetime is the number of hours of operation at which the light output of the LEDs has decreased to 70% of initial output. Essentials fixtures have 92.3% lumen maintenance at 70,000 hours (77°F/25°C ambient) and an L70 predicted life of more than 200,000 hours.
  • Extremely Low Maintenance: Our fixtures are backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty. They require virtually no maintenance for the lifetime of the fixture.
  • No Bulb Disposal/Storage Fees: Our fixtures include no mercury or hazardous materials that require special disposal methods. And because of their long lifetimes, our fixtures do not require bulb storage practices common to HID or fluorescent fixtures.
  • Instant On: No warm-up period is required.